Monday, November 3, 2014

How'd I do? (or was I able to restore balance in a week?)

Were you wondering if I would find balance on my week between jobs? (I know I was!)

Here is my diary of from the week:

7:00 AM - Get up with a little help from the alarm
8:00-9:00 - Prep pumpkin bread while waiting for and dealing with the plumber
9:00-10:00 - Go to the gym and restart a C25K
10:00-11:45 - Make pumpkin bread, run vacuum and steam mop, shower
11:45 AM-2:00 PM - Run errands, eat lunch al fresco with my SIL
2:00-4:15 - Rake leaves and transplant
4:15-5:30 - Start relaxing with a glass of wine
5:30-6:30 - Nap
6:30-8:00 - Make and eat dinner
8:00+ - More relaxing with BMG
Body and family taken care of today. And with the gardening, a little soul too

8:00 AM - Wake up (after a terrible night's sleep with a painful headache), drink coffee, make and drink a blueberry kale smoothie & read paper
9:00-11:30 - Work on blog project with BMG
11:30-1:00 PM - Run errands at Staples, Lowe's & Michaels
1:00-1:45 - Coffee with my MIL
2:00-3:30 - Rake, transplant fleurs, and plant tulips, daffodils & grape hyacinth bulbs
3:30-4:00 - Fill out Thanksgiving volunteer application for me and BMG
4:00-7:00 - Loaf, read books, play games, eat dinner
7:00 - Resume binge watching House of Cards with BMG
Tuesday feels like a rerun of Monday, with a little creative time added in. How do I make Wednesday different?

7:00 AM - Up (with help from the alarm), drink coffee, read paper, eat breakfast
8:15-9:45 - Walk to,the gym, exercise for 30 minutes, walk home
9:45-11:30 - Shower, putter, work on a Christmas craft
11:45-1:45 PM - Visit with Gal Pal Lois
1:45-3:30 - Errands, hang Christmas lights (just because they are up doesn't mean we'll light them)
3:30-6:15 - Read, putter
6:15-9:00 - Drive to & then take "Intro to Meditation" class
9:00+ - Watch TV, get ready for bed
Body & soul are fully taken care of today. Add a little friend time & the start of some creative time & I'd say it was a good day.

8:00 AM - Wake up with no alarm (unless you count the cats as an alarm)
8:00-9:15 - Coffee, smoothie, paper, putter
9:15 - Head to Subaru dealer to check low tire pressure
9:45-10:30 - Sit at Subaru dealer until I learn there is a nail in my sidewall and I need a new tire; grab a loaner and go
*Cancel lunch plans in Acton, argue with BMG about whether I was smar enough at the Subaru dealer or if I let them take me for a ride
10:30-4:00 PM - Shop for craft paper and baby gifts, eat lunch, wrap and mail/deliver baby gifts
4:30 - Pick up car with new tire
4:30-7:00 - Meet BMG at the Art gallery, have dinner at a new restaurant
7:00-9:00 - Drinks with BMG's mom
9:30 - Home & in bed
This was a weird day. Had some itchy connecting time with BMG (had expectations that weren't met)', and I spent the day running errands but not taking any joy in them.

7:00 AM - Wake up with the alarm and fall back asleep until 7:45
7:45-8:30 - Coffee and the paper
8:45-10:00 - Walk to the gym, exercise, walk to BIL/SIL's house to pick up truck
10:00-11:00 - Take yard waste to dump and run a handful of local errands
11:00-2:30 PM - Make and deliver gluten-free (and fat-free AND refined sugar-free) cookies for a neighbor, start prepping pasta sauce for dinner, putter and generally get in BMG's way
2:30-4:00 - Go to DPW to renew dump sticker, then head to local bar to read and sip wine away from BMG
4:00-10:00 - Finish making dinner, putter, pass out candy to trick-or-treaters, decoupage bathroom vessels with a Boston map, watch TV, argue with BMG
10:00 - Read in bed until I fall asleep
Body taken care of, along with some necessary errands and a little creative productivity. Soul care was dismal today given the arguing with BMG.

7:30 AM - Feline alarm combined with a headache leftover from the night before wake me up
7:30-9:30 - Coffee, putter while waiting for BMG to wake up, make breakfast, download a headache tracker app with the goal of figuring out the cause/pattern to my persistent headaches
9:30-9:30 PM - Putter, read books, eat, sleep, relax (it was a miserable day outside)
I did nothing to take care of any part of me today. Was still a little down because of the previous day's fight with BMG + two separate headaches. This was a wallowing day.

6:45 AM - Wake up sans alarm (happy end of daylight savings time!)
6:45-8:30 - Coffee, breakfast, putter
8:30-10:00 - Gym for another C25K session and 30 minutes on the recumbent bike
10:00-11:45 - More puttering, cleaning up
11:45-2:30 PM - Run errands, give blood, grocery shop
2:30-5:15 - Putter, read, nap
5:15-6:30 - Prepare and try a new recipe for a salad made of roasted butternut squash, shallots and kale
6:30-8:45 - Putter, read, nap
8:45 - Head to bed, read some more, sleep
Body taken care of - think I've jump started a healthy eating and exercise routine. And I feel proud of having given blood, particularly because I got to talk to a niece about it - raising her awareness that this is one way people can give back to their communities. Thought about working on my Christmas craft and/or addressing Christmas cards, but I didn't feel the mojo. Maybe next weekend?

6:15 AM - Up without an alarm, ready for my first day at my new job

So, how did I do? In m post on Monday, I said I'd try to to the following:

To take care of my body:
  • Go to sleep at a reasonable hour every night, planning to be up between 6:30 and 7:00 each morning (instead of my typical 4:30-5:00 wake up time).
  • Be caffeinated, showered and fed by 8:00 or so, which I'm hoping will be my typical "leave for work" time at the new job. 
  • Make a high protein veggie smoothie for breakfast at least three of the weekdays; prep smoothie packets for the freezer
  • Try at least two new healthy and delicious recipes (sorry BMG).
To take care of my soul: 
To take care of my family: 
  • Plan a Christmas trip to NYC to enjoy the sites and visit with gal pal Suzy Burstein. 
  • Finish making Thanksgiving and Christmas plans to visit my family in NYC. 
  • Order our Christmas cards.
To take care of my creative side: 
  • Cross a couple of Christmas crafts off my "to do" list well in advance of the Christmas season starting.
  • Do a decoupage project in the bathroom. 
  • Blog at least three mornings a week.
  • Finish setting up the website for a creative project I'm doing with BMG.
  • Schedule at least three interviews for a creative project I'm doing with BMG. 
I took care of my body and soul on my week off. Family and creativity - a little lacking, but I'm well on my way to restoring balance in my life. 

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