Sunday, January 5, 2014

Why I Love CES

CES, the Consumer Electronic Show, is held in Vegas the first full week in January.

I love CES. Why? Because I'm home alone for eight full days. Hooray!

This is what CES 2014 looks like to me:

  • A rearranged living room - NOW the room makes sense and has more space. I feel like I can fully relax in the space
  • The addition of120 square feet of living space to The Tiny Bungalow by clearing out and organizing the office (hooray)
  • A fridge full of vegetables and vegetarian, whole grain plans for dinner
  • Meals prepared for the next two days 
  • A home lit by candles and table lamps - overhead lighting be gone
  • No football on Sunday (or Monday or Thursday). Instead I watch re-runs of Bridezillas and Criminal Minds. 

I love BMG. I love the home we share together. And truly take appreciate it when he isn't home. I'm an introvert and I need alone time to keep myself centered and whole.

When BMG is away on business, I only have to clean up after myself. The bed is made EXACTLY the way I like it. I don't have to compromise on what I cook for dinner. I have no excuses to not take 100% responsibility for myself (e.g. "I can't go to the gym after work; I need to get home to make BMG dinner"). I watch whatever I want on television, and sleep so much better absent my true love's snoring. I love finding ways to maximize my alone time so I can be a better Clownface when BMG gets home.

What makes CES really perfect is that it happens at the start of the new year, so those reluctant resolutions I have yet to give voice to have the opportunity to spill out. What is on deck for 2014? More vegetarian and whole foods eating, more stretching and meditation, less TV, continued efforts to have a more regular sleep schedule.

Boy do I love CES.