Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Gluteous maximus

So, I have on-going belly issues. I won't describe them in any detail - suffice to say I'm uncomfortable a great deal of the time.

I've been to the doctor twice, and have another appointment with a specialist in about two weeks. We've ruled out lactose intolerance, giardia and other belly bacteria of the particularly nasty sort. BMG wonders if it is a gluten allergy - too much gluten = sore belly.

I hope that isn't it (and the evidence doesn't point to this). Do you have any idea how many products have gluten in them? In my fridge alone there is a frozen burrito and frozen waffles, half a loaf of bed and tortillas. If I threw these things away (or gave them to neighbors with fewer belly problems), I'd be left with applesauce, yogurt and fat-free 1/2 & 1/2.

I'm afraid I'll starve!


(I'm secretly rooting for the Colorado Rockies to win the World Series. I remember what it felt like to win in Boston in 2004. I want the people of Denver and Colorado to have that same feeling.)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I do believe that my 15 minutes of fame, my vicarious 15 minutes of fame, has begun. BMG and I spent Friday night sitting across from one another in his bungalow, trolling fascinating websites like Found, and Post Secret. In a fit of artistic inspiration, we submitted photos of his refrigerator for

And they are now up on the web! BMG's fridge is the featured icebox on!

PS: Coop, I know you are going to LOVE this site.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dream #8

I was with a friend at an amusement park - it might have been my high school friend Cindy Scott. Not sure it matters.

Anyhow, we espied the bumper cars, and entered the pavilion to ride. Before we were allowed on the ride, we needed to pass through all of these psychological games moderated by an earth mother type. She wanted us to realize that bumper cars were only a game, and to test us to be sure we were sure we knew what we were getting into, etc.

While I don't remember all of the hoops we had to jump through to get to the ride, what I do remember is the mounting feeling of frustration as new hurdles were presented each time I thought I'd be able to get into the bumper cars. At one point in time, the emcee for this bumper car run-around asked the group if there was anything we wanted to ask. I raised my hand and, when called on said, "When will we ride the bumper cars?" I don't remember her frustration, DO remember feeling pleased with myself, and have no recollection of actually riding the cars in my dream.


BMG and I hosted our SausageFest 2007 today, so no time for dream interpretation. Clearly about meeting frustration en route to pleasure.

Friday, October 19, 2007


I was just reading a story on the Newsweek website, comparing the Iraq war to the movie Deliverance. (Thank you Mr. Moose Wash, for passing it along.)

As I fiddled with the type size on the website, I noticed a gross ad for Triactive acne solution. In it was a giant picture of a chin with two inflamed pimples on it.

This ad did not inspire me to consider my own potentially pathological acne problem. Nor did it do Newsweek any favors. I immediately shut down the screen tab because I was so grossed out.

Bad decision-making to both the makers of Triactive (whoever they are) and the apparently desperate marketing people at

Dream 7

I had two doomsday dreams last night. The one I remember involved being at Gillette Stadium, where the Patriots play. I was there with the President of the U.S., only it wasn't the current U.S. President. It was a kindly man in a motorized wheelchair. While we were watching the game, I noticed enemy aircraft circling overhead. It was ominous and I started to feel nervous. I mentioned this to the President, out of concern, and he said not to worry.

At some point we left the Stadium, because we were bored. We took a walk in the opposite direction from our parking spot. I felt uncertain of this because I was still nervous about the enemy aircraft. The president was rolling along on the sidewalk, and the sky was becoming increasingly thick with black airplanes of all shapes and sizes. I started feeling anxious and scared. The President remained non-plussed.

The sidewalk ended at a physician's office, and we went in. We made it all the way to the end of the offices and exam rooms, and there was no place else to go. So we turned around and proceeded to head back the way we came - first through the building and then out the street. The street looked more unkempt than it was when we first entered the medical office building, with frost heaves and strong weeds that made it seem dangerous to a wheelchair. As I stepped outside, I looked up and realized that the atmosphere was completely obstructed by the dark airplanes.

At that point, my nervousness reached its apex. I don't think I realized it at the time, but writing now I realized that I felt like I couldn't protect the President any longer, and he seemed to not care. So I pulled out my cell phone to call 911 so I could ask the police to come get us.

I don't remember the other dream. It involved trying to rescue a woman in Pakistan who was seriously injured in a war. Hmmmm.


BMG had no interpretation for this one.


I've often joked about needing to join L&OA - Law and Order Anonymous - for my obsessive and repetitious watching of reruns on USA and TNT. I just googled L&O Anonymous. One meeting referenced - not sure if it is a joke or not. No other references to meetings.

I told BMG last night that I was afraid I was becoming an alcoholic. He reminded me that alcoholics don't know when to stop.

I don't think I'm addicted to L&O. Why? I'm becoming bored with it. I've seen all the SVUs, and it is on ALL the time, and Sam Waterston has become whiny, and I think Vincent D'Onfrio is a weirdo. The writing on CI is a little exaggerated, as if they are writing for a stupid audience, and the acting is often too hammy for me.

I've turned my obsessive attentions to CSI, which aired its pilot episode in 2000. I now have six years of episodes to catch up on. I like CSI, CSI NY. CSI Miami has the same problems as L&O CI - too hammy. No one should ever hire David Caruso ever. He is a bad bad bad actor.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sweetest Day

I just received an email from the team at Edible Arrangements, exhorting me to buy chocolate dipped fruit for Sweetest Day. "Sweetest Day? What IS that exactly?" I wondered. So, I turned to our friends at Google who immediately took me to our friends at Wikipedia, and found out it is essentially a celebration of candy. Seriously. A celebration of candy. And, it is taking place on Saturday, October 20th.

What candy would you celebrate?

I think I will celebrate the Reggie Bar, which was essentially a giant turtle made with peanuts - peanuts, caramel and chocolate. Yum! I learned the candy bar was retired when Reggie Jackson (the namesake) was retired, and then reintroduced when he was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Reintroduced briefly I'd say. I miss that candy bar.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Saving the environment, one blog at a time

Today is National Blog Action Day in support of the environment. Special thanks to Jeff Cutler for letting his readership know about this national, blog-a-licious holiday.

I will make a contribution to saving the environment by walking to Starbucks to get a paper cup laden with a delicious venti decaf non-fat no whip mocha, rather than driving there.

No need to stand up to thank me. Just do your part on this auspicious day by contributing to a groovy environmental charity, like Trustees of the Reservation or Groundwork Somerville.