Wednesday, October 24, 2007


(I'm secretly rooting for the Colorado Rockies to win the World Series. I remember what it felt like to win in Boston in 2004. I want the people of Denver and Colorado to have that same feeling.)


Jeff Cutler said...

It's not a secret.

Clownface said...

Well, it is a secret between you and me, because no one else reads. Snif snif. No more web linking to my blog on, at least not until after the Series is over. I'm a coward.

Kim said...

OK, I finally got here, wordpress was giving me trouble.

I have no idea why the Rockies have those silly "cheap sweater vests" as a uniform. LOL I cracked up when I was going through my stats and saw that someone googled "colorado rockies uniforms are stupid", that was great! Here is what I have come up with, some of the guys wear tight long sleeve shirts under the vest which leaves a gap and makes them look ...well you know. At least I'm not the only one who thinks they look dumb, the uniforms not the players. I had to stop watching when it was 13-1.
Have a great day!