Friday, October 19, 2007


I've often joked about needing to join L&OA - Law and Order Anonymous - for my obsessive and repetitious watching of reruns on USA and TNT. I just googled L&O Anonymous. One meeting referenced - not sure if it is a joke or not. No other references to meetings.

I told BMG last night that I was afraid I was becoming an alcoholic. He reminded me that alcoholics don't know when to stop.

I don't think I'm addicted to L&O. Why? I'm becoming bored with it. I've seen all the SVUs, and it is on ALL the time, and Sam Waterston has become whiny, and I think Vincent D'Onfrio is a weirdo. The writing on CI is a little exaggerated, as if they are writing for a stupid audience, and the acting is often too hammy for me.

I've turned my obsessive attentions to CSI, which aired its pilot episode in 2000. I now have six years of episodes to catch up on. I like CSI, CSI NY. CSI Miami has the same problems as L&O CI - too hammy. No one should ever hire David Caruso ever. He is a bad bad bad actor.


Clownface said...

BMG is waiting for a You Tube video to fully load that streams together seven minutes of David Caruso one-liners from CSI: Miami. Horatio Caine must be the worst actor ever. REALLY - the WORST. I can't watch this show, he is so very very very bad. Instead of firing Jorja Fox, they should fire Caruso.

Clownface said...

Okay, it isn't just bad acting. It is also REALY BAD writing. REALLY REALLY BAD writing.