Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

It is Christmas morning and I am trapped at my mother's house, waiting for the festivities to begin. In a very un-Christmas-like way, I'm teed off at my older sister, for deciding not to rush her kids and choosing to attend family Christmas nearly one hour later than planned. So, I have to wait for family time for one MORE hour.

As I stew, hopped up on crappy coffee and fake sugar, I realize that I desperately want Christmas magic to still extend to me. Even though I am 37 years old. And, it doesn't. With six children in the family - my sisters' kids - the adult magic gets lost - or at least subjugated until the kids' needs are met. And intellectually I understand this is part of Christmas - the joy children experience. And emotionally I feel aggravated and disappointed.

So what's a girl to do?

Right now, I'm contemplating calling my older sister to apologize for snapping. And then emotionally checking out 100% so I don't have to worry about managing angry or sad feelings. However, if I do this, I won't appreciate the giving or the receiving part when it FINALLY gets started. Maybe I could refuse to come home for Christmas ever again, or at least planning on driving home for Christmas on Christmas day - and arriving at my sister's house at approximately 1:00 so I don't have to do this crappy waiting around for things to get started stuff. Or, maybe I could stay home and be with BMG who doesn't restrict his feelings of adventure and curiosity to all things niece and nephew.


I know my sisters and brother (and my mother) appreciate giving and receiving from one another - this is why Christmas is such a big deal. And I've often said it feels like there is no place for me here because I don't have kids. On Chrismas morning, this is particularly acute. On Christmas morning this is particularly acute.


What's a girl going to do? I'm going to finish drying my hair. Then I'll pour another cup of weak coffee and plaster a smile on my face until it is noon. Then I'll pour myself a drink and get planted in a chair and pretend this is all exactly what I asked Santa to bring me on Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

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Ann Smith said...

Dearest Clownface,

Sorry I didn't see this sooner. You should come up to VT and spend Xmas with me, my mother and Sam, where we got to indulge our child-like wonder of Christmas because MY older sister isn't arriving UNTIL 5 DAYS AFTER CHRISTMAS!!!!! Talk about waiting for this whole thing to start!!!

When I asked if she couldn't come up a little earlier to see me - one of her dearest sisters whom she practically never sees - she replied nonchalantly "hmm... but we talk on the phone a lot." What?! No, we don't! I mean sometimes we do, but not that often. And it's NOT THE SAME! SHHHEEEESSHHHHH!

I hope you had a merrier Christmas than you were anticipating at 10:34 a.m. And I hope you still are having fun wherever you may be.

Cheers to you,