Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Smart Town Part 2

More details on the road etiquette in Smart Town.
1. People in Smart Town all take Driver's Ed and they all realize that the rules of the road exist to keep people safe, and to facilitate predictable behavior and communication between drivers of motorized vehicles.
2. Because bike riders epitomize environmental responsibility and efficiency, they have separate rules of the road that allow them to zip through red lights if no cars are coming, and to turn left on red if it is safe for cars and pedestrians.
3. Sidewalks have pedestrian sensors at crosswalks that cause lights to change fairly rapidly to ensure neither pedestrians nor drivers and bikers have to wait too long for the pedestrian to get across the road.
3a. Because pedestrians know they can quickly and easily get across the street at crosswalks, they don't jaywalk and drivers NEVER stop in the middle of a street for a pedestrian, thus interrupting the flow of traffic.


Jeff Cutler said...

I don't agree with the bike rules. The rest of the rules are fine.

Clownface said...

Then I guess you can't live in Smart Town. Sigh.

ellie said...

happy birthday. I can't remember if it's today or the 6th.

Clownface said...
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Clownface said...

I'm June 4th - the best friend formerly known as Cindy Scott (I have NO idea what her last name is now) is the 6th.

(Saw Camden Yards on TV the other day - the Sox were there - and recognized it from that one game we saw there years and years and years ago.)