Friday, October 23, 2009

That crazy sawdust smell

I had an olfactory experience today that reminded me of one of my childhood fears. The fear of being "that kid" who threw up at school and caused a chain of event that resulted in that VERY distinct smell of puke mixed with sawdust permeating the classroom. I can remember classmates throwing up in class fewer than a handful of times, and I still remember the intense fear that I'd do it someday, and everyone would be mad at me for making the classroom smell terrible. And how about those poor teachers, who had to content with the smell and the riled up students? Or the custodiam who had to clean up our childhood sickness. Ugh all around.

What were your childhood fears? Did you ever throw up at school? What do you remember of it? Are you a teacher? Have you ever had a kid throw up in your class? What was that like?


Jen said...

I once wet my pants during music class in the third grade. We were sitting on risers and the pee went splashing down. I was a new kid at school and too shy to even ask if I could go to the bathroom. The custodian did bring out the sawdust. I was mortified and completely repressed the memory for a few years, until a classmate recalled the incident and it all came flooding back. I did learn that there is definitely such a thing as repressed memory.

Jeff Cutler said...

Splashing? Flooding?

This is the best blog ever!