Sunday, July 25, 2010

Compromise at home (or, What would you do differently if your sweetie were away on a trip?)

BMG started a two-week assignment in New Orleans yesterday. I spent most of the day at home, reveling in my temporary bachelorette-dom. Reflecting on my Saturday, while waking up on Sunday morning, I realized there are a host of small things I would do differently if I lived alone. These include:
  • Turning the air conditioners to "fan" at night; turning the air conditioners to "fan" when I'm not home for long stretches (I'm not psyched to see our electric bill for the last month.)

  • Making the the bed immediately after getting up (My motto? "Working hard to keep cat hair and litter out of the sheets.")

  • Turning off the bathroom light, unless I'm in there.

  • Lighting candles at night, and leaving them lit until I go to bed.

  • Forgetting to shut the fridge door and the dishwasher for longish periods of time (Okay, maybe I do this when BMG is here, but with no one around facetiously and lovingly calling me "The Closer" I have to notice it now.)

  • Preparing fewer meals with meat and carbs

  • Throwing more food away that I think may trigger a mini binge ("Olive oil chips, you were delicious in Canada, now you are being thrown away.")

  • Doing situps and stretches in the middle of the living room at totally random times.
Looking out over the living room in The Tiny Bungalow I'm also aware that I apparently leave abandoned shoes and mail all over the place (I guess I'm a little obsessed with tidiness when there are two of us in the 925 square foot house. One person's clutter is okay. Two people's clutter is too much.)

We all compromise at home. If you didn't have to - if your sweetheart and/or your kids were away on a two-week trip - what do you do differently - consciously or unconsciously? And for those of you single folks who don't live with a partner, what do you think you'd have a hard time compromising in the event you do move in with someone?


Meg said...

I did a lot of living alone before I moved in with Gradon, and I think we're pretty good at coexisting -- he does the dishes after I cook, he does laundry while I'm at work (and I do it when he's off getting the kids), and we both like things cool temperature-wise, and the fridge stocked with good beer.

But I think I lived in a pretty girly universe before I came here -- I had counter and cabinet and basket space for gobs of product that I don't here, and I usually had candles burning and flowers in a vase somewhere.

The candles are less appealing in the ridiculous heat we've had since I've arrived, and he doesn't own a vase (I sold all of mine before I moved the 3K miles.)

And I can't even EXPLAIN how little space I have for anything in the bathroom. I'm littering myself throughout the house in response, I think, which goes against the clean and organized life I want to lead.

If he wasn't here, I'd eat a ton of tomatoes and mushrooms (he doesn't like either), and probably dance and sing around the house a lot more. Not that he'd mind -- but our taste in music DOES divide at spots.

But I like having him around. Even in our (cluttered) 474 square feet.

Jeff Cutler said...

I think you guys have 473 feet.

I would practice shooting the gun more and teach the cats to trampoline.

I need more product.