Thursday, September 20, 2007

What goes around, comes around

I excitedly knocked off one of the items in the "Things I MUST do" list kept here in this blog. I finally sorted and filed more than 12 months of bills, mementos, photos and correspondence. The mound of paper, once tossed in a decorative basket hung on the wall, had long ago collapsed onto the floor, leaving a small gash in the wall where the tack that served as its anchor groaned its way to the ground.

In the process, I cleared out my filing cabinet. I tossed the cell phone bills from a service I cancelled more than one year ago, shredded the electricity bills in my ex-boyfriend's name from the first of two apartments we shared, and threw away the quarterly prospectuses (prospecti?) from my two teeny tiny mutual funds.

It is so satisfying to me, to complete a project that has been on my "to do" list for more than six months.

Like the item, "Take plastic off windows." The Collected Works of Clownface, launched in February 2007, has had this on the "Things I MUST Do" list from the beginning. I live in an enormously drafty basement apartment with poorly sealed casement windows. The quality of the air is questionable, and the heating situation is sketchy. Plastic on the windows in the New England winter is essential. And I hate the way it looks, like I'm living in a jet stream trailer in post-Katrina Alabama.

So, in the glow of my having completed the "Clear pile of paper off floor" item, I looked ambitiously at "Take plastic off windows." And I realized it is nearly October. Fall starts in one day. I no longer need to take the plastic off, but instead need to check the plastic to make sure the seals are tight, and I'll be safe and cozy through Fall, Winter, and early Spring.

I'll try again next year.

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