Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I have a serious crush on the guy who sings on the "Free Credit" commercials. He's the cutie on the driver's side of the car in the picture here, the one with the shaggy light brown curls and the sweet round face. Haven't seen the TV commercials yet? Click here to see a YouTube version of it. Or click here to see a YouTube version of the OTHER one. Isn't he cute? And he makes me feel GOOD about getting a credit report.

I was reading USA Today while on vacation last week, and learned the object of my affection is a French Canadian actor who doesn't even speak English. (He fakes it really well on the commercials.) I also learned the following from ASK THE AD TEAM.
Eric Violette is the lead "singer" in three commercials (in a third, he sings about his "dream girl's" bad credit). Violette and his buddies do songs about how it (NOTE: the bad credit) has affected their lives. Violette, a French Canadian, sings and plays guitar in real life and has a following on the Web. Because he speaks little English, however, he lip-syncs the song in the ad, which is performed by a studio artist. The songs were written by David Muhlenfeld. The "band" in the ads, by The Martin Agency, is a group of actors.
So he really is just a pretty face - he isn't even really singing. Part of what I like is the singing with the cute face. When I search for "Eric Violette" on YouTube I find he is a little scruffier and his music is bluesy and far less happy than on the commercials. Seems like the bubble on the crush is about to be burst, yes?

Nope. I don't have to listen to Eric Violette the French Canadian actor/blues guitarist/performer. I can just watch the commercials over and over again, which I do, now that I've bookmarked them in my browser. Yee Ha!

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stellaannfred said...

I saw him first! :)
Isn't he adorable? I wanna pinch those cheeks! He makes me stop what I'm doing and look. I'd love to see more!!