Friday, April 18, 2008

Dream #6

Last night I dreamt I was cleaning a city pool in my hometown of Syracuse, NY. In my dream I was in beautiful Onondaga Park, but it wasn't actually Onondaga Park. Anyhow, my oldest sister wanted me to go swimming with her, but I wouldn't because the water was so dirty. There was a film of oil covering the top, mounds of sodden leaves filling large swaths of the pool, and pieces of clear plastic floating everywhere - broken measuring cups, utensils, egg drop soup takeout containers. I was maniacally cleaning the pool using one of those pool net cleaning things - getting progressively angrier because the pool was in the poor part of town, and did not have a dedicated cleaning crew paid by the City. My sister and all of the other people in the pool kept splashing me, encouraging me to swim, but I couldn't swim until it was clean. But, it seemed as if the pool would never be clean because (a) you cannot clean oily water with a sieve, and (b) every time someone jumped in, a new mound of leaves would get stirred up.


I resolved last night to join Weight Watchers again. I've gained more weight than I'm comfy with, and do not want to buy bigger clothes. So, when I get back from vacation, it is off to beautiful Twin City Plaza on the Somerville/Cambridge border to begin the process of counting points and being cajoled into weight loss by the fear of having the Weight Watchers ladies be mad at me each week when I weigh in. I think this dream is about my body being polluted, and my unwillingness to let myself play in my skin until it is "just right."

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ellie said...

that picture makes it look much nicer than i remember it being.