Saturday, January 8, 2011

Awesomely ordinary

I found myself close to happy tears earlier today as I wrapped up four hours of errand running.

I took a minute to consider that I might be confusing tears of sadness with the unfamiliar welling up of a joyful expression.

I didn't think so.

"Why? What happened today that would make me feel so happy?" I wondered to myself. "I had a perfectly ordinary day." This is what I did:
  • Got up late (9:30 AM)

  • Drank coffee, read the online paper

  • Started laundry

  • Cleared the hardwoods of clutter and mopped them

  • I returned a gift for which I had no receipt with no hassle given

  • Picked up a special order at the bookstore for my sweetie

  • Discovered an item I wanted at Crate and Barrel, while advertised, was no longer available

  • Returned a handful of superfluous gifts I purchased for others in exchange for things I needed (bird seed, hair products, birthday cards)

  • Braved the long lines at Trader Joes in exchange for $55 worth of coffee, faux meat products and frozen foods

  • Drank 12 ounces of carrot juice

  • Went on a duck buying odyssey that came up short

  • Picked up three books at the library

  • Filled the bird feeder

  • Emptied the recycling and took out the trash.

Boring, right?

So why so happy?

I think because my day felt like it was completely my own. I felt accomplished in my errands. I didn't let irritating traffic, shopping frustrations, or a lack of nourishing food get me down. And right now, at 4:11 PM on a gray Saturday night, I don't feel like there is anything else I HAVE to do tonight.

So what am I going to do? I've lit candles around the house and am surrounded by a peaceful glow. I'm going to pour a glass of wine soon, start preparations for an early dinner, and then settle into the couch with one of my borrowed books.

Today was perfectly, awesomely, ordinary.

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