Monday, February 19, 2007


In honor of Presidents' Day, I bought a new futon for 25% off the list price - $280 including the delivery fee. And, it is being delivered on Wednesday. No slogging on the ice with the unwieldy box hanging out of my sensible sedan (oh, the horror, the horror). On a less jubilant note, I have to call the store first thing tomorrow as the wrong wood finish is on my invoice. If I hadn't been blogging this I never would have known that I'm slated to receive java (aka black) and not the warm cherry.

Other notes in my fairly ordinary life:
1. I started my training to do three (bicycle) centuries this year. And I took a minute to thank the trainer who got me started at the Bally in Porter Square.
2. I'm actually reading a book, The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. Thanks to Coop for recommending it, and to Presidents George Washington and Abe Lincoln for (a) having birthdays in the same month, and (b) being such great Presidents that they both deserved national holidays so I could have the day off in which to read a book.
3. I made baked beans for the first time.
4. I had a lovely dinner with BMG (our six month anniversary) at Christopher's in Cambridge, plus a great cookie and some tea at Flour in the South End.


Jeff said...

You realize that you said JAVA to me as we walked out of the store. And you affirmed that it was correct. Perhaps it was the cold affecting your paltry 129.

Clownface said...

Hmm. Java is not correct. Or maybe it is. It looks WRONG WRONG WRONG online. We'll see when I get it out of the box. And, I couldn't get through to the store this morning. And then I forgot. Luckily, they called me to reschedule the delivery (Saturday) and I got to change my order.