Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pet Peeves #1

Why do so many pet peeves have to do with transportation? Here are two that popped up for me while heading home after exercising this afternoon.
  1. People who wear bike helmets without fastening them. What's the point? If you get hit or fall, the helmet is going to roll off your head without protecting your noggin. So, why bother faking it? Your hair gets smooshed and your head gets sweaty for no useful purpose whatsoever.
  2. People who stop for pedestrians who are jaywalking, particularly those who are crossing the street within yards of an actual crosswalk. Gridlock is in part caused by people who (a) stop for pedestrians who aren't following pedestrian rules, and (b) by people who give left turning vehicles the right of way.
To all of you out there engaged in either of these forms of transportation silliness, I say stop it!

PS: If transportation pet peeves are high on your list, I hope you read Mac Daniel's "Starts and Stops" column in The Boston Globe. I'm a little embarrassed that I've read this for so many years, but I really enjoy reading questions and answers focused on making traffic move just a little more efficiently. Now, in my blogging hyperlink research I've found Mac has a Starts and Stops Blog too! A blog! It is now on my "favorite" list! Thanks Mac!

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