Thursday, February 22, 2007

Play-Doh Make -n- Display

I've recently had to cancel two trips to Central NY to visit my family. The first cancellation came LAST weekend after bad weather hit the area. I missed mom's birthday. The second cancellation came THIS weekend, when I informed my sister that I needed to stay home to wait for furniture delivery (see futon post earlier this week).

In the course of our conversation, my sister told me that there was a surprise waiting for me a her house, a gift made for me by my niece, the precocious C. Being the smart aunt I am, I guessed exactly what it is: a Play-Doh Make n- Display uh, thing. I cannot wait to receive it! Last time I played Play-Doh with C and her little sister (M1), she methodically made a tableful of small green peas out of the moist sculpting clay. I learned she also has used the colorful putty, apparently originally invented as a wallpaper cleaner, to make purple and pink friendship bullets for her friendship gun, a tool she uses it to shoot people and make them her friend.

I love this kid!

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