Wednesday, June 13, 2007

City Slickers rocks!

So does my friend Heather. Heather called at 1:00 today and said, "Hey! I'm in Somerville and I want a milkshake. Can you get away from the office and meet me?" I'm stressed to the gills, and promised myself today that I wouldn't let my work get the best of me today. So, even though I didn't FEEL like I had the time, I said yes.

And we met at City Slickers. This is a new restaurant that opened at 558 Somerville Avenue. And their food is AMAZING and the owner is kind.

Heather and I walked in and noticed immediately they had ice cream. So, Heather asked if she could get a milkshake. ("She's having a pregnancy craving," I mentioned parenthetically.) The counter staff - who is also the owner - said no. He didn't even have milk he could sell Heather to mix up with her ice cream. Disappointed, we each settle for a slice of pizza. (Heather paid.)

As we are seated, chatting, the owner brings us each a scoop of extra creamy vanilla ice cream. With his apologies. For not having milkshakes. City Slickers rocks!

I went back later in the day and picked up dinner: garlic steak tips with wilted spinach. It was delicious. So, City Slickers does not have milkshakes, but they have great pizza and delicious and convenient comfort food.

And, Heather is fantastic for being there at the right moment, to pull me out of my work-related funk-a-liciou-ness. Thanks Heather.

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