Monday, June 18, 2007

Dead kitty

The kitty who lived with me at 216 Brookline until I moved to the hippie-dippie Somerville co-op died this week. He was an old cat with gnarly fur. He was Italian and his name was Grizwaldi Schacht-Lambiaso. (Grizz for short.)

He was first "owned" by an Australian couple, then a woman with a dog (1 year), then my friend Dan and me (3 years), and then just me (1 year).

His most recent facilitator in this world was my friend Barb, who ardently fought for Grizz's affections with her now husband (Eric) when Grizz and I lived in Cambridge.

Barb is sad, and her husband and two children are nonchalant.

C'est la vie.

1 comment:

Jeff said...

Maybe there should be a Jesus cat for the back of people's cars.