Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I read a story in The Boston Globe this morning about bald eagles having been brought back from extinction. It makes me think of the theory of survival of the fittest and the role human beings play as interventionists.

I often wonder if the work our species does to decimate the earth is part of our own survival pattern and shouldn't be worried about. Or, alternately, if the actions of homo sapiens should be worried about and active interventions sought. The work to restore bald eagles so they are plentiful enough on this planet to be no longer considered endangered (an arbitrary designation made up by people) fills my heart with gladness, and I worry a little about playing god. Is there a plan for people, or bald eagles, or pepper grass for that matter? And, if there is, are we messing around with it - or is this it? And, if there isn't a plan, why don't we just descend into the bacchanal that is life and enjoy?

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Jeff said...

Tastes like chicken.