Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Red Dirt Cave: An office parable

Once upon a time, a pile of tiny ants struggling to make their way in the world, found a giant morsel of food in a soft and beautiful gray field.
They called their friends from near and far to join the party.
And so they set to work gobbling the food, licking their ant lips as they enjoyed what they thought was saucy protein.

What they didn’t realize was that this was a trap.

Imagine their surprise when a powerful blue ammonia cleanser rained down on their picnic.
They stumbled in all directions trying to be free of the damp pool of stinging fluid.
As they made their way to the far reaches of the cold mountain at the edge of the beautiful gray field the ants breathed a collective sigh of relief,
As they joyfully celebrated making their escape they heard a distant rumbling.
“Huh?” thought the ants, just as they were violently sucked into a dusty tunnel.
They landed with a thud.
Stunned from the force of their journey, the ants looked around and asked “Where are we?”
Amidst the crumbled bodies of their sisters and brothers they saw paper clips, bits of tissue, and packing peanuts.
It was then that the ants then knew they had been forced to make the journey to the red dirt cave.  
The red dirt cave was a place of legend. Not one member of their tribe had ever returned after being forced to make the trip to the red dirt cave.
They were doomed.

Save an ant’s life. Please try to be extra mindful of dropped food in the “kitchen.”

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