Saturday, May 5, 2012

Top ten list of my least favorite things about my home

What are the features you wish you could change in your home?

We're getting ready to gut The Tiny Bungalow in a very expensive dwelling do over. Here is my top ten list of the qualities of our seaside suburban home I won't miss:
10. The wood that is rotting off the back of the house
9. The entry room that serves no functional purpose but takes up a LOT of space
8. The permanent rot under the bathroom floor
7. The grease stains on the kitchen ceiling
6. The baseboards that start and stop in random places
5. The "pantry" (aka closet in the kitchen) with three foot deep shelves
4. The fireplace island coated with creosote on the inside of the three sided glass insert
3. The slider under the eave that has no gutter and, coincidentally, an enormous amount of mold
2. The stove that has only one functional burner

And the #1 thing about The Tiny Bungalow I won't miss?
1. The laundry that is accessible only by walking outside and around the side of the house.

What would be on your wish list of things to get rid of if you could do your home over?

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Meg said...

10. The bathroom, complete with weird tile everywhere, badly installed everything, crazy Vegas lighting, and a window in the shower that's impossible to cover.

9. The basement looks like a place people would get tortured.

8. The backyard we're trying to whip into shape, but has chain fence and a moldy cement wall and some VERY determined weeds.

7. The pressed-drywall & paint ceilings. Not terribly standout, but I like a more substantial ceiling.

6. The area under the kitchen sink looks like hobbits live there, no matter what I do.

5. The boring old shades on the windows.

4. The screen door in the back is prone to detaching from the hinges.

3. Our bedroom lights up like a stadium with the neighbors' motion lights to the side, and to the back.

2. The light fixtures are a bit cheesy in certain rooms.

1. The weird mirrordoor in the entryway.