Saturday, January 26, 2008

Making sushi

BMG and I made sushi while on an international tour of the Boston area last weekend. Here are the photos:
1. Buying fish at the Boston Fish Pier:

2. Driving through Chinatown en route to home - trying to keep the car chilly as we now have pounds of fish and sushi acoutremont in the car:

3. Making a quick stop for a snack at the cheese store in the South End (we couldn't help ourselves):

(International interlude: After we got the fish home, but before we made sushi, we went out for Mexican at a local restaurant. I had spicy chicken livers, a salad, and too much sangria.)
4. At the Pan Asian grocery store:

5. FINALLY, starting sushi. First, sushi rice:

6. Sushi prior to being rolled:

7. Our plate of sushi, with a salmon roe hand roll in the front of the photo:

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