Monday, January 7, 2008

Two new parks for the "tick" list

I'm talking about my evolving list of National Parks I have visited. It has been a sad sad TWO YEARS since I've been to a National Park (I bagged three that visit - Carlsbad Caverns, Guadalupe Mountain, and, on a lark, Big Bend - the picture at right is from Big Bend). While I think of national parks monthly, I am yearning for a little organized fun in a park complete with guided trails, glossy brochures, and miles and miles of unspoiled wilderness all being protected with my tax dollars.

BMG and I are starting to narrow our sights on a trip to Florida where I'll get to visit the Everglades National Park and MAYBE the Dry Tortugas off the southern coast of the muggy and buggy state that boasts the legendary Fountain of Youth among its national treasures. We may also go to Disney World, which has some hotels that are inspired by national parks, but alas, is not a national park.

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