Wednesday, January 2, 2008

So tied

I had a nearly sleepless night last night. I'm bleary-eyed and grumpy about having to work this morning. And, this, I believe, was the crux of my slumber issues. I am convinced that my reticence to go to work today prevented me from sleeping last night.

"Huh?" you say?

This is what I think happened. I believed that if I fell asleep, the next thing that would happen would be the stupid alarm waking me up with its gentle light and me having to start the grind. So, in an effort to not have to go to work, I was unable to go to sleep. (I came up with this theory while trying to lull myself to sleep at 1:45 AM.)

And, here is the worst part, when I FINALLY fell asleep, I dreamed about work. AUGH!

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ellie said...

hey G -- got your postcard, hope the work crisis is averted and we can catch up for real, soon. -L