Sunday, January 27, 2008

Super hungry

I volunteered for the Greater Boston Food Bank's Super Hunger Brunch today - at Eastern Standard Kitchen in Kenmore Square. For $25, individuals got to choosy from tasty brunch entrees off a prix-fixe menu. I sat with Amy and Jeff and took cash, chatted with wait staff, and generally thanked people for giving 100% of the cost of their brunch to feed hungry people in Greater Boston. I'm good.

Why did I do this? For the free food. In exchange for our volunteerism, Amy, Jeff and I got to order off the prix-fixe menu. I got the smoked trout pate with baby beet green salad with hard boiled eggs. All of its mouth watery goodness is pictured at right.

While you're drooling, pencil in January 2009 as Super Hunger Month and plan to attend this excellent charity event NEXT year. I know I will.

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