Friday, February 1, 2008

I'm voting for Obama

I know, dear blog readers, you have been dying to know...who is Clownface voting for on Super Tuesday? I have decided to vote for Barak Obama. What precipitated my decision? I find myself driven to turn the radio off whenever I hear Hillary Clinton speaking. I have the same visceral reaction to her that I have to...George W. Bush. Yes, it is true. My gut judges her as insincere, arrogant and manipulative.

I do want the record to show that, had he still be in the race, I would have voted for Bill Richardson. And then, had he still been in the race, I would have voted for John Edwards (they both have such lustrous hair). Now, as a registered Democrat, I'm left with two candidates from which to choose.

Here in Massachusetts there has been a bit of a legislative tussle, as one female leader (who backs Hillary) at the State House has accused the male leadership (which backs Obama) of chauvinism. (If they all backed Hillary, I suppose some African-American members of the House would accuse the lot of racism - it really is a no win situation for the politically correct among us.)

As I listened to this argument I wondered about my intense and automatic reaction to hearing Hillary's voice. My gut judges her, but should this matter? Maybe insincerity, arrogance and manipulation are good qualities in a president? I imagine she demands quality from her people, and I can imagine she keeps all of her fingers in all of the proverbial pots. Again, good or bad for a President? Hmmm.

I think what I seek in a President is not someone who is going to get the work done. But rather someone who can inspire others to get the work done, someone who is decisive and led by values, someone who can put a good face on the American people. This is why I'm voting for Barak Obama. I'm not concerned about whether or not he has the experience to "get the job done." He isn't going to be doing the work. I believe he can pick good people to work with him, he can make good decisions that are guided by values (and politics too, to be certain), and he will be a strong diplomat - within our national borders and around the world.

And it is fun to think about saying "President Obama."

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Clownface said...

So Clinton won in Massachusetts, but Obama won in my little town of Somerville. McCain was the Republican winner, with approximately 1/10th the votes garnered by Obama. Funny Blue State!