Saturday, February 23, 2008

Out of sorts

Did you ever have one of those out of sorts days? Those days when NOTHING seems to go your way, even when you know you are one of the luckiest people on the planet?
1. I elected NOT to bring my XC skis to Digger's home in this natural south shore paradise. And it is a PERFECT day for skiing. So, I'm mad at myself from bringing a 1/2 eaten bag of pirate booty, but not skis And, I feel like a load.
2. Digger and I head to the used video game store because I want a new Zelda adventure, and find out they have NO GAMES for his antique gaming system.
3. We go to the candy store so I can pre-order chocolate covered peeps to send to my family for their celebration of Easter. And the woman behind the counter doesn't understand a word I am saying. And I am so irritated at this point that I grab a card and say I'll take care of my business with them online.
4. We get back to Digger's little bungalow and I find out my computer won't see the wireless. So I can't get online. Digger comes to the rescue, and sets up his desktop Mac.


5. So I go to the candy store online and find out their website has expired. So, no chocolate covered peeps for me. At least not from stupid Puopolo's Candies.


6. While this silliness is raging around me, I'm making white cake. And I want to make Jell-O Poke Cake. Because Digger has never had it. And I think the cake was too hot when I poured the Jell-O in and the Jell-O (which wasn't Jell-O but some crappy store brand fruit flavored gelatin substitute) was poorly mixed which means I wrecked the cake and we'll have to throw it away but we won't know until tomorrow when it has allegedly finished "cooking" in the fridge.

Okay, as I type this I realize I'm being a brat. Life is not terrible. My friend, we'll call him The Postman, just had his third son about two months ago. His first two sons died within six weeks of their birth. So, this is his first child who has survived to two months. And, on Friday, the Son of The Postman fell out of the bed and was rushed to the emergency room for a baby CAT scan where they found out he has a hairline fracture on his skull. THAT'S a bad day.

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Clownface said...

Gal Pal Amy wants to know how the cake turned out okay. Just okay. Super super moist, and I would recommend waiting until the take has cooled a bit before adding the Jell-O deliciousness. The cake felt like it was all drenched in the Jell-O, rather than having bands of super moist and fruity cake scattered throughout. I also did one packet of Jell-O for just one 9" cake round, so too much Jell-O.

Finally, one cake for two people = too much cake. Add to the equation someone who doesn't eat leftovers (that would NOT be me), and there is a recipe for waste.