Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kids say the darndest things!

I just got off the phone with my seven year-old niece. Here is our conversation:
ME: "Hey C! What are you doing?"
C: "Uh, I don't know."
"Are you doing homework?"
"Playing with the Littlest Pet Shop?"
"I know! You're playing video games!"
"No. I'm just standing here Aunt CF."
"Right. So, did you know that it is Gammy's birthday on Saturday?"
"Really? Why?"
"Well, because Saturday is the day we celebrate when Gammy was born. Guess how old she is."
"I don't know, maybe a hundred?"
(I start snickering) "Why don't you make Gammy a birthday card telling her 'Happy 100th Birthday.' I know she'd love that."
"Is she REALLY a hundred?"
"No, she's 64."
"Really? I thought she was 65!"
"Nope, Gammy was born in 1944, which makes her 64 this year."
"Whoa! She was born before George Washington!"
"How did you figure that out smartie pants?"
"Well, he is dead, so she must be born before him."
"Uhm, no, if he is dead and she is still alive, she was probably born AFTER him."
"Oh. Well what if George Washington was Gammy's father?"
"Well then he'd be my grandfather and your great-grandfather squirt."
"Yeah! Then I'd be related to George Washington and I could be a Social Studies Project! Hey, what if Abraham Lincoln was Gammy's father? What if...Abraham Lincoln and George Washington were married!"
"Well, they lived in the olden days when men couldn't be married to each other. If they were alive today they could be married, but not in the olden days."
"Well, why not?"
(At this point her dad, my brother-in-law starts snickering and immediately apologizes for listening in saying, "Wow, this conversation just took a really interesting turn Aunt CF.")

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