Thursday, May 15, 2008

Afro Can't

I'm a little behind the times with my knowledge of Japanese anime. I've just discovered Afro Ken, pictured here at right. Better late than never, says me, for I do believe I love this little puppy with his rainbow nappy locks. And I want him. And, as I was sharing my Afro Ken delights with my dear BMG, he said, "Don't you get it? Afro Ken = African. You can't get him, you can't buy an African!" I am now crestfallen.

Sigh. It is so hard being a liberal. Really, she said.


Speaking of the Japanese, here is a little gem retold by BMG today. "Do you think when Japanese people type LOL they actually type ROR? Raughing Out Roud?"

(I really am going to hell, for having repeated that in print.)

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