Wednesday, May 14, 2008


My mom is coming to visit this weekend. I just finished dusting the furniture and washing dishes. The fridge is stocked and I'll have all the miscellaneous crap stuffed into closets before Friday.

I had a little crisis of confidence last weekend, as I bemoaned my fear that I was in fact a "dirtball." BMG was not familiar with this gentle phrase, and as I explained to him that it meant a generally dirty person, he said he preferred that I call myself a "dirt cloud." "It isn't as harsh," he explained, "and connotes that your priorities are loftier than keeping a clean house." (Urban dictionary says dirt cloud means something else entirely.)


Today, I am not a dirtball. I am instead choking on the environmentally friendly cleaning fumes emanating throughout my poorly ventilated and perennially dust choked apartment.

Welcome mom!

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