Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I *really* am a winner!

I just received a one-year National Parks pass in the mail, which I won in a sweepstakes sponsored by in honor of Earth Day.

This is the perfect excuse for breaking out the frequent flier miles and making a trip.

Grand Canyon? BMG and I have already talked about making the trek.

Petrified Forest National Park, as long as we're in Arizona? Why not? Saguaro National Park? I can imagine making that happen while in the Grand Canyon State?
What is your favorite National Park? Where would YOU go if you were me?

I do need to note that it is a tiny bit ironic that a prize valued at $80 won in honor of Earth Day will now motivate me to spend excess time, money and carbon fuels to fly around the US taking advantage of this pass. This pass that will maybe save me $40 total over the course of the year. I also understand the point of the prize (and only 15 were awarded in the ENTIRE country) is to encourage people to visit National Parks with the knowledge that visiting park will either inspire or reinvigorate one's commitment to preserving (and dare I say it, expanding) our natural landscape. No matter. I'm a winner, and I'm pretty psyched.

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