Friday, March 30, 2007

Canadian Bacon

I'm eating 98% fat free Canadian bacon with my breakfast. And I'm wondering, "What exactly is Canadian bacon?" It looks like a mini ham slice. But if it was just a mini ham slice, why don't they call it mini ham? Mini sells. Look at the Mini Cooper if you need proof.

So, I went to the web.

I found out that what we in America call "Canadian bacon" is, in fact, (essentially) processed mini ham slices. This is NOT Canadian bacon.

Canadian bacon is something called peameal or "back bacon." This is, and I quote, "Back bacon is made from the boneless pork loin, with the fat trimmed to 1/8" and cured in a sweet pickle brine. The special ingredients used in the cure create a product that is less salty than regular bacon with a touch of sweetness. The loin is then rolled in yellow cornmeal giving it the signature 'peameal' coating and par-baked to ensure uniformity."

There you have it. If you go to Canada and you want to try peameal or "back bacon" order like this: "Two over easy with peameal, please. Got it, eh?"

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