Friday, March 9, 2007

He's here!

My sister, NSBN, gave birth to her second child this afternoon! Baby H was born at 1:45 in the afternoon on Friday, March 9th. Little H is a healthy 7lbs. 2 oz., and a good nurser (so I'm told). He gets circumcised on Saturday, and mom and baby head home on Sunday.

He replaces his older sister, (M3) as the youngest kid in the family. His cousin (N), the only other little boy in our brood, has been asking his mom, "When does Baby H come?" because he is eager to have a little boy with whom he can play. N will be so sad when he realizes that Baby H won't be able to play with him for at least 12 months! So, N can look forward to another year of Barbie, Dora, and dress-up.

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