Monday, March 26, 2007

Trek 1200

Okay. I did it! I bought a bike. I was thinking about getting the Trek 1000, those of you faithful readers might remember. Well, at the International Bicycle Center in Boston I got a really great deal on the Trek 1200, so 200 more bicycliciousness than the one I was planning on investigating further. The cost? $600. Pedals come separately, and BMG tells me they'll run about $100. And new shoes? Another $100. So, for $800 bucks I get a new bike that is custom fit for my body. I'm nervous and excited - about having the right gear to really meet my goal to become more hard core about my biking.

BMG suggests we might want to buy a spare pair of shoes for me to have, and some more clothing - ideally an "outfit" or two that complements my bike colors (grey, red and black). My orange and black jersey may not cut it any longer. So, I'm excitedly looking at silly jerseys online. Think I may get this one. Fun!

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