Wednesday, May 2, 2007

And a partridge in a pear tree!

Okay. So my niece's cerebral palsy diagnosis is 98% and her doctor (and her moms) are proceeding as if she does indeed have this disorder. If I'm not crying I'm shaking my head.

Here is my family profile:
1 mom
4 daughters (including me)
1 brother
1 biological father
1 step-father (now divorced)
2 (maybe more) step-mothers
(at least) 2 step-brothers
(at least) 1 step-sister
4 nieces
2 nephews
1 uncle
1 step-aunt
1 cousin.

Now, just within the households of the members of my nuclear family (mom, sisters, brother), we have the following:
2 gay people, one partnered
2 African Americans
1 person with a disability
1 felony conviction
3 divorces
1 civil union (now dissolved)
3 masters degrees
2 associates degrees
1 former member of the United States Army
2 Africans
1 Burmese
3 people who are Limited English Proficient
1 abortion
3 survivors of sexual abuse
1 person with an eating disorder.

BMG says, "It is a little slice of Americana, your family." Someday I'll write a book.

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