Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cancer Free!

My little sister, E, found out this week the lump in her breast is NOT cancer. Hooray! There has been too much cancer in my immediate world lately. I could say that, in the pantheon of crappy things, cancer isn't terrible - worse than head lice but better than crippling poverty or genocide. But, still, I don't like having cancer - or the whiff of cancer - too close to my family.

Hooray E!


Jeff Cutler said...

Outstanding. I'm so happy for you.

BTW, those ear plugs look like head lice.


Clownface said...

Click here to see what head lice look like. Nothing like green foam ear plugs.

Clownface said...

BTW, I learned that Sister E is 97% sure she doesn't have cancer, but she is having the lump removed anyway - a month from now. She wisely figures that if the situation were more serious her doctor would have suggested surgery on a faster timeline. Neverthless, they cannot know conclusively until the bugger is out.