Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My bed time quirks

I have few routines of which I'm aware. I don't wake up at the same time every morning, I don't eat the same breakfast, I don't take the same route to work every day. However, I do have two bed time quirks.

1. If the blankets on my bed are not perfectly symmetrical, then I cannot relax into sleep. This often requires that I make the bed right before I go to sleep, because getting into an unmade bed is a recipe for asymmetrical disaster.

2. I cannot tolerate any noise as I'm falling asleep. Solution? Ear plugs. Even when I'm home alone, something as potentially soothing as the gentle whir of the alarm clock as the hands slowly move closer to my wake up time can drive me to a wide awake frenzy. Poor BMG, who snores, has taken to going to bed long after I've settled in for my evening nap, to give me the opportunity to fall into slumber sans his immediate honks and gurgles.

What are your routines - bed time or otherwise?


Jeff Cutler said...

Honks? Gurgles?

More like HARRUMPH!!!

ellie said...

if i have a handful of m&m's, i eat them one color at a time (first all the browns, then the blues, then the reds)...and i always save the greens for last.

Clownface said...

Hey Ellie! You remind me that an old friend used to eat Skittles rather methodically. Not by color, but by alleged Skittle strength. He would put two Skittles of different colors between his thumb and forefinger, and then mash them together. Whichever Skittle cracked first was the "weaker" one and could then be eaten. The "stronger" Skittle would then do battle with the next tasty candy treat in the bag. This friend would count the string of victories for individual Skittles, admiring them for getting past a certain battle threshold (e.g. winning four match-ups in a row).

Happy eating!