Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pet Names

The following blog post is copyrighted and trademarked and protected in all manner of legalistic silliness. The point, don't steal my pet names.

On with the post:

My older sister has said to me that she cannot keep track of all of my imaginary pets. So, in the interest of helping her keep track of my menagerie, here they are:
1. Black pug = Gobbler
2. Maine Coon cat = Huckleberry
3. Turtle = Shelley
4. Boy Frog = Croque Monsieur
5. Girl Frog= Croque Madame

Okay, I'll have to keep adding to this. I know there are more. Apparently I cannot keep track of them either. Darn it.


Clownface said...

Ball Park Frank for my buff colored pug. BMG says I'll never be able to take Frank to a professional baseball game because of all the potential name confusion for poor little Frank. I'll survive, says me.

Jeff Cutler said...

I found a blog that has a guy called Huckleberry Husband. It's a worrier. But they live in Indiana, so we should be safe.


Honkle P. Snorple, esquire

Clownface said...

Don't forget my pet mouse named Mr. Amos T. Fear.

Clownface said...

BMG and I will adopt a greyhound and name it "Fung Wah". We've also decided upon a large-ish dog of unspecified breed that we will name "Battle-attical." Imagine this melodious sound reverberating throughout YOUR neighborhood, "Here Battle-attical, come here Battle-attical, here boy!"