Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dream 1

I had a dream on Saturday night that I had a guinea pig in one pocket and a hamster in the other. Both were my pets, put in my pocket somewhat absent-mindedly because I had other things I needed to do. I say absent-mindedly because in my dream I knew it was ill-advised to put a hamster in my pocket. So, I put it into an old tube-shaped soda bottle. Needless to say, both animals died. In my pocket. The hamster drowned in a little bit of liquid left in its container. And the guinea pig was squished. In my dream I was at a loss for how to discretely dispose of the dead pets, and becoming increasingly anxious.

Then. I woke up. Relieved that I did not have pockets full of dead rodents.


I was visiting my family this weekend, and am certain this dream is somehow related to my desire to be rid of childhood baggage. But, it is baggage with which I'm clearly not yet at peace.

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