Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pet Peeves #2

It is so aggravating when I'm on my bike, tucked away neatly into the bike lane, and a car starts to hover behind me driving at 12 miles an hour because it is afraid or uncertain of how to pass. After I think to myself, "Do I look so enormous on my bike that the driver is anxiously contemplating how to swerve around me without causing an accident?", I usually then wave the driver around me, trying to impatiently assure them that they do indeed have plenty of room to pass.

Today, while biking into Cambridge, this happened. My instinctive reaction was atypical. I did not think that (a) I was fat, and (b) I needed to calmly and non-verbally inform the driver that he could indeed pass me with out incident. Instead, I was compulsively driven to begin biking across the entire lane, making sure to take up as much space as possible with my useless switchbacks, and thereby inconveniently slowing down the driver in the teal blue sedan nearly idling at my side.

However, I am afraid of being shot or run over by a car. So I chose not to follow my instincts, however satisfying they might have been.

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