Wednesday, April 4, 2007

E-filing in my dreams

I am usually the kind of girl who gets her taxes filed the moment she receives her W-2s in the mail. But, this year my W-2 didn't arrive. I needed to call my employer and have a duplicate copy sent.

The result? I still have not filed my taxes.

I started using TurboTax two years ago. I've logged on three times to begin my filing. The first time, there was a major error in their calculations (my refund was over $100,000). The next two times the connection with the server timed out. I assume because SO many people are e-filing.

So, today, home from work early because I don't feel well, I thought I'd visit the IRS website to pull down the forms I need so I could file the old-fashioned way. And, e-filing beckoned yet again. On the IRS website there is a link to a list of "certified IRS E-filing partners." So, I tried again. The first partner I clicked on did not service Massachusetts. The next partner led me through the registration page, and then my connection with THEIR service timed out.

I'm hoping I'll get my taxes done this year.

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