Thursday, April 26, 2007

Happy and TV-Free

BMG and I are sitting side-by-side on the futon, with our respective laptops in our, well, laps. Playing web-boggle. Well, he is. I've quit to blog a little. It is nice to be chilling out a home, playing games and not watching television. I feel happy.

I went to Girls' Group tonight. I bicycled there and it felt so nice. Biking home in the cool, dark night I felt so at peace. If I had not been concerned about biking in the city without a headlamp, I would have kept going. I love to bike, it makes me feel strong, and I feel good about myself when I'm done. Why don't I do this more? (Stupid weather. I don't feel so great about myself when I've been biking in rain and I don't like being cold on my bike.) Okay - pledge to self - ride bike when weather is nice nice nice!

With a little help from the Girls, I decided to head to Europe for two weeks this summer. BMG and I were already planning to go for a short while. But, I was afraid of intruding on his "Ex-Pat Writing in Europe" routine, so I was going to make it a short trip. But, I realized that I can make it a long trip - and just take some time for myself - to bike, explore, and simply be. I feel glad to have made this decision, and am excited at the prospect of heading onto a train and going someplace I've never been before. Hooray! Hooray!

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