Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Junk Mail Part 2

Well, I failed in my effort to assiduously track my junk mail. But, after four days away from my mail box, I again counted the real mail: junk mail ratio.

12/17 pieces were clearly junk mail.
5/17 were of interest to me. Of these, only 1 was a piece of mail specific to me and my home (a bank statement). The other pieces were unsolicited mail that I thought might be of benefit to me. They were:
  • An offer to consolidate my (considerable) student loans
  • A coupon for a popular big box store
  • An invitation to a charity film screening at the home of a distant acquaintance
  • A letter from a newspaper I no longer subscribe to.
Of these only the coupon and the invite to the charity film screening avoided the "recycle me" fate.

I really love getting mail. I wish it were actually more fulfilling in its content.

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