Wednesday, October 7, 2015

It's the sugar, dammit - cleanse day 3

I'm doing a five-day food cleanse followed by a six-week diet with Liz Vequist in an effort to start feeling fit, active and inspired. The cleanse started on Monday, October 5, 2015.


Last night I didn't sleep as easily or as soundly as I did the first two nights of the cleanse. The only thing I did differently was add rice milk to my evening cup of turmeric tea.

While wandering around the house at 3:00 A.M., I opened the refrigerator to read the label on the milk. Without my glasses, the only thing I knew for sure was that the milk wasn't flavored with vanilla or chocolate. Therefore, I assumed, it was unsweetened. 


My box of original rice milk in fact has 10 grams of sugar per 8 oz. serving. 


Tonight, same routine but instead of the offensive rice milk, I added 4 oz. of unsweetened almond milk to the tea. 

And I'll be ready to head to bed with my book in about 5 minutes. 

It's a good experiment, and one that points towards sugar as the culprit in my poor sleep habits. (I wonder if there is such as thing as unsweetened red wine.) 

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Angela Goossen said...

Noooo! 😉. Thank you for sharing!!