Monday, October 5, 2015

The opposite of fasting - cleanse day 1

I'm doing a five-day food cleanse followed by a six-week diet with Liz Vequist in an effort to start feeling fit, active and inspired. The cleanse started on Monday, October 5, 2015.


So what does one eat when one is doing a cleanse in the fall? Take a look.

Breakfast: Standard serving of old fashioned oats with 1/2 an apple, "better butter," and a sprinkle of flax seeds and pumpkin seeds.

Morning snack: 1/2 a European cucumber, with heavily washed peel intact, dipped in lemon/sesame dressing.

Lunch: Homemade kitchari, which is brown Basmati rice with mung beans and aromatic spices, topped with steamed cauliflower and carrots

Afternoon snack: steamed cauliflower

Dinner: Steamed greens with zesty flax seed dressing and a bowl of pumpkin miso soup topped with cilantro

Evening snack (if I decide I want it): 1 cup of frozen grapes, again, heavily washed
I'm definitely not hungry. In spite of eating far less animal protein than I usually do (as in, no animal protein), and putting in 9,100 steps today, 1,600 above my daily goal.

It is 6:30 PM and I haven't yet had my evening snack. Not sure I'll want it. I may keep the grapes to bring to work for an afternoon snack, when I tend to want a sugar pick me up. For now, I'm off to take an Epsom salt bath, which I'll follow-up with a cup of homemade turmeric tea.

By this time tomorrow, I hope the headache that is settling in on the right side of my forehead is gone, and I feel less sweaty.

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