Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Well-rested - cleanse day 2

I'm doing a five-day food cleanse followed by a six-week diet with Liz Vequist in an effort to start feeling fit, active and inspired. The cleanse started on Monday, October 5, 2015.


Day two of the cleanse and everyone seems to be talking about their withdrawal symptoms: headaches, unregulated body temperature, stomach cramps, crabbiness, etc. 

I have none of these, at least none beyond my standard range of normal. I get headaches so often that I keep a log and was recently at a neurologist to figure out the cause. My body temp is so off that I went to my g.p. earlier this year to ask if I had started menopause. (I haven't.) And crabby? Shoot, I'm crabby almost constantly because I have a job and responsibilities and bills to pay. 

In the absence of noticeable signs of detoxing, I started wondering if I was doing something wrong. "Am I eating too much? Is my cheating on the "no caffeine" thing really affecting me? Should I have listened to the kick-off call audio recording - did I miss something important?" 

While scouring my brain for immediate signs of the efficacy of the cleanse, I realized I am experiencing a positive, rather than negative, form of detox. (At least I think I am.) 

I've been able to fall asleep for each of the last two nights without any sleep-aids. And, for the last two mornings, I've woken up well-rested. 

Did you hear me? I feel well-rested!

This is NOT typical. My husband snores and I have what the Buddha called a "monkey mind." In an effort to get some rest, I often  take OTC sleep meds at least an hour before my intended bedtime. If the sleep aids don't fully work, I supplement them with white noise recordings, or sleeping in a room separate from my husband and away from what he calls his "purring." 

What's the reason? Is it the miracle of just one day of the cleanse, or maybe a coincidence? I asked the Fall 15 Cleanse Facebook group. 

"Maybe it is a reduction in caffeine?" someone asked? I have switched to half-caf. Still only drinking one cup a day. Could the effect of the one cup I drink a day be so dramatic as to effect my sleep nearly 16 hours after I ingest it? 

"What about the Epsom salt bath? That''s supposed to relax muscles which should make sleep easier." Definitely a possibility. 

I then wondered if it is the effect of getting sugar out of my system, which allegedly has the same motor revving qualities as caffeine. 

Whatever the reason, I hope it continues. And it is definitely something I'll be watching for the remainder of the cleanse, and beyond as I elect which new behaviors to keep as part of my standard m.o. 

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Angela Goossen said...

Awesome! Hope day 3 goes well!